Heritage Innovation Marketplace is available now

As part of the project “C4Education” the team now launched the Heritage Innovation Marketplace, a B2B platform for preserving and promoting tools, courses and resources designed to help businesses, institutions and organizations connect with cultural heritage communities and foster a deeper understanding of European cultural traditions.

The goal is to provide a variety of professional development courses on a wide range of topics, taught by industry experts. These courses offer a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations – such as universities, galleries, libraries, archives and museums – to learn about and experience European cultural traditions first-hand in innovative ways, and gain valuable insights into how to use digital tools to promote and preserve these traditions in their initiatives as well.

In addition to the courses, the platform also offers a range of tools and resources to help businesses and organizations explore and connect with cultural heritage.

Dive in and learn more about the already featured apps and stay tuned for more to come!