Work Packages

To ensure a smooth management of the tasks defined in the project application, the project partners of C4Education have structured the different activities into 4 work packages:

WP1 Project Management and Coordination

At the heart of all project related dealings lies a profound and well organised project management strategy. Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) Jena is the project coordinator and responsible for the overall coordination and management of C4Education. The project partners, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV), ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research and Time Machine Organisation (TMO) will take part in the proper implementation of the project and in project management tasks within the context of the defined decision-making structure and risk-mitigation process.

Each project partner has appointed a senior representative (comprising Executive Board) to ensure a smooth, controlled and coordinated operational management. The representatives will cover all aspects of non-technical operations, administration, reporting and general compliance with the Creative Europe’s Grant Agreement.

WP2 Activities of the first year of implementation

The first year of activities entails a strong cooperation between FSU Jena, ICARUS and NISV to launch the Virtual Lab Platform and demo-cases where they ideally align their complementary skills and expertise. Where the operational plan and modelling will be generated by FSU Jena, ICARUS has a huge experience in running large-scale platforms such as the Topothek as shared memory platform and therefore will lead the user-centred platform development of the Marketplace and Training Repository.

Due to the excellent connection to the audiovisual sector, NISV will be responsible to conduct the selection and supervision of the operation of the demo case projects and co-conduct the development of accreditation within the Platform.

WP3 Activities of the second year of implementation

In the second year of implementation the partners’ efforts will focus on the maintenance of the Virtual Lab and implementation of the demo-cases. FSU, NISV and ICARUS will ensure technical and administrative support for the successful operation of the Virtual Lab Platform and the incorporation of new demo-cases to the virtual environment. Where ICARUS will continue its engagement with the Platform’s technical maintenance, NISV will monitor, supervise and provide technical support for demo-case implementation and integration. TMO and ICARUS will encourage a wider stakeholder community to engage and integrate more content, tools and applications into the Platform.

WP4 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

The communication team of TMO is specialized in multichannel, multi-stakeholder communication reaching a large-scale network of recipients. This unit will be responsible for communication and dissemination in C4Education and therefore utilizes its already existent networks and channels. The team will generate the plan concerning communication and dissemination activities and routes and will carry out the major part of the work with contribution of all partners.

FSU Jena will handle the exploitation and sustainability planning and activities to ensure greater European added value and profitability of the actions carried out throughout the Project. Successful exploitation will be also facilitated by the partners of the consortium. FSU Jena will take a leading role to enable diversified collaborators for exploitation, sustainability and business development. At FSU Jena the departments Nucleus Jena with currently 5 innovation managers, IP-Service and K1-Gründerservice will support the development of the platform business models. The innovation managers support the project in connecting to relevant local and national networks (e.g. IHK, SpectroNet e.V., OptecNet Deutschland e.V., etc.). Outreach and successful upscaling via additional funds will be supported by the Meta Group which provides consultancy on European level.